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Three Great Content Creation Blogs to Read Every Week

Three Great Content Creation Blogs to Read Every Week

Really, there’s always room for improvement when contributing and creating content. However, those tasked to create content as a primary function of their job must commit themselves to the daily discipline of improving the “product” they deliver.

The following are a few resources you can refer to once a week (or even everyday) to learn new tactics, inspire your next topic, and challenge yourself.


You may not have an eye for photography or the resources to make quality video, but you can effectively communicate with written word through a regular blog, whitepapers, or e-books.

The material at Copyblogger ranges from the simplest how-to’s for beginners to the more advanced pieces on tone, storytelling, and embracing the “spirit” of online writing.


Hubspot’s iconic blog turns out 3 or 4 posts everyday on a range of topics on inbound marketing.

Since content marketing is a huge part of the inbound dogma, most of the articles will give you tips to tweak your strategy and make your content better.

Hubspot’s interesting reads may also help you branch out beyond the rudimentary forms of content into the exotic realms of slideshares, infographics, and vlogs.


In the marketing world, to adapt is to thrive, and there is no better place to look for industry updates like MarketingProf. Though not as easily “digestible” as the other blogs, it’s still a one stop shop for all the topics and techniques in the business.

Or Your Favorite Blog

Whether it be a fashion, fitness, cooking, or hobby blog, you have one that you check at least every once in awhile. There are thousands of blogs that suit your interests, but only a handful consistently deliver content in a way that keeps you coming back.

Your task as a content creator, therefore, is to ask why their content is more impactful than the hundreds of other blogs you could be reading on that subject.

If you’re wondering, my favorite is a tie between Adventure Journal and Gink and Gasoline. Both provide engaging content regularly, and they often give me inspiration when approaching new topics or new ways of presenting content.

Further Reading:

While it may seem daunting, you can create truly inspiring content that isn’t fancy. See this article on a building a blog from the core elements with an unexpected example.

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