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The 3 Best Instagram Pages from Knoxville Businesses and What You Can Learn from Them

The 3 Best Instagram Pages from Knoxville Businesses and What You Can Learn from Them

Knoxville is a scruffy city with some scruffy businesses.

While the city hosts a number of large corporations (i.e. Pilot, Clayton Homes, etc.), we’re talking about the little businesses that help make Knoxville cool.

The following are 3 local businesses that are killing it on Instagram and could teach you something. The number of followers were taken into account, but the following are mainly masters at effectively communicating their brand to develop business and community around them.

1- River Sports

Followers: 13.7K

Following: 1500

River Sports Outfitters has provided all the stuff we need to enjoy our beautiful region for 3 decades and has distracted us from working with their Insta page in more recent years.

Between pictures of employee adventures, the outdoor community, and videos with tips, followers can expect consistent delivery of varied content to inspire their workday wanderlust.

This account is great for a number of reason. First, the pictures inspire you to do stuff with their products rather than focusing on the products themselves.

Second, they offer a sense of community. Posting pictures of rock climbing competitions, group float trips, or a hike at familiar spots like House mountain connects area enthusiasts to the region and others who enjoy the same things.

Take-away: For most retail shops, you’re not selling products, you’re selling items that inspire experiences. Harness the power of what happens after the purchase and connect your customers with others that share the same interests.

2- K Brew

Followers: 8,400

Following: 272

If you don’t have a few coffee shops, are you even a city? Well, we have more than a few, and we’re especially fond of K Brew and the cool stuff they put on Insta.

K Brew has enjoyed a rapidly-growing base of fans that love their commitment to artisan coffee in downtown and North Knoxville, and it doesn't look like it’s slowing down.

Their content focuses on their team, their unique shop, and creative ways to show off their coffee and other cool things around the city.

Take-away: Be creative and let your team contribute. When it comes to social, simplicity and spontaneity will yield some cool stuff, but it takes practice! Also, don’t forget the value of showing off your people. They make your business, and showing who they are will build that community that your business needs.

3- Tomato Head

Followers: 6,980

Following: 4,464

If you had to embody the spirit of Knoxville into a restaurant, it would be hard to beat Tomato Head’s healthy mix of healthy comfort food, sustainability and overall cool Southern vibes. With 2 locations, and over 25 years in business, Tomato Head has firmly rooted themselves into the city.

The content of their page shows what goes into their food: energetic people making everything from scratch with fresh ingredients. Further, they actively promote the arts in the area, most of which happens to be right outside their door from the Market Square location.

Take-away: Through partnerships with other businesses, charities and area non-profits, it’s no surprise that their page appeals to hundreds of great people that involve themselves in organizations that take care of our neighbors and advance the city.

If you give people a lot of reasons to support you for doing good, it’s easy to promote your business to the people who care.

Think we left someone out? Leave a comment for who or tell us what you like about these wonderful establishments!

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